Five Surprising Reasons for Bad Breath in Children

Having your kids brush their teeth before bed every night helps them learn good oral hygiene habits. Although brushing your teeth twice per day is good for developing teeth, it is not always enough to stop bad breath from occurring. Bad breath is not only an oral health issue; there can also be other factors that need a different solution. Below there are five surprising causes of bad breath in children and how to stop them.

Sinus Infection

Your child's bad breath may be the result of something stuck in his or her nasal passages. Kids are curious, and their nostrils are the perfect size for inserting small items such as food, beads, and toy accessories. Pediatrician Dr. William Sears says that an object lodged in a child's nasal passages can create a nasty smell. If you suspect that this is what is causing your child's bad breath, you need to go see a doctor. The doctor will be able to check your child's nasal passages and remove the object.

Swollen Tonsils

Healthy tonsils should be pink and spot free, but infected ones are red, inflamed, can have white spots, and smell terrible. Bacteria can collect in the pits of swollen tonsils and, paired with the sour smell of infection, can cause bad breath. If your child's tonsils look red or swollen, your pediatrician should examine them and can prescribe an antibiotic to help take care of the problem.

Dry Mouth

Since kids are pretty active, it can be hard for them to remember to stay hydrated. Children playing sports often have bad breath due to a lack of fluids. If kids don't get enough water, their mouths will produce less saliva for washing away odor-causing bacteria. This may not seem like a big deal, but a lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and cavities. Making sure kids drink enough water is worth the extra effort.

Oral Issues: Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Even the best brushing and oral hygiene habits aren't enough to get rid of the smell that can come from tooth decay and other oral infections. Whether it's a cavity, gum disease, or mouth sores, infections of the mouth can secrete an odorous scent.  Kid specific toothpastes, such as Colgate® 2in1 Kids Fruit Flavors, help prevent issues from spreading. Brushing your teeth alone cannot heal a cavity. If your kids have tooth decay, it is time to see the dentist.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that bad breath is the result of your kids skipping the most important part of their bedtime routine. Even brushing regularly cannot fight all other types of bad breath. Do some research to determine the cause of the issue and then take the appropriate action.


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