03/24/2020 RE: Covid-19 Update 

Friends ~ 

The Governor has issued an Executive Order that requires clinics like ours to postpone any non-emergency dental procedures, indefinitely. This is being done to “focus health care capacity and equipment on responding to COVID-19 cases and other emergencies.” The order began at 5:00 pm on 3/23/2020 and continues until the Order is lifted; we do not have a timeline on that yet. 

If you have an orthodontic emergency that is causing significant discomfort, please call (507) 437-3269 for instructions on how to obtain an emergency appointment. 

If you had/have an existing appointment, please consider it postponed for the time being. We will be contacting you to re-appoint once we have a better idea of when we may be able to re-open. Please be patient with us as we work to rearrange the schedule and re-appoint a high number of patients all at once. 

We know that you may wonder if this will affect your treatment. We would like to reassure you that your treatment will be ok! Please make sure to brush and floss well. For the time being, it is important to wear your elastics (if prescribed) and be careful not to break any brackets (avoid those hard/sticky foods!). 

If your treatment includes a Palatal Expander, please continue turning the expander only until the date that your appointment was scheduled for. After that date, stop turning the expander. 

We do not know when the Executive Order will be lifted, but we anticipate that returning to work in our industry may mean new procedures. For example, we will likely need to limit the number of people in the waiting room and will only allow staff and patients in the clinic area. Perhaps there will be a limit on the number of patients that can be seen in a day. It is all moving so fast, it is hard to know what changes might be required of us. 

We all miss seeing you and our whole staff would LOVE to be welcoming you into our office right now! But we also know that as dental care providers it is so important for us to help our community and follow COVID guidelines to focus on everyone’s health and safety. 

Things are changing by the minute, it seems, and we are doing the very best we can as we worry about our patients, our co-workers, and our own families. We truly appreciate your understanding as we all work through the unknowns together. 

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