Did you know that Orthodontists and Dentists look at mouths differently?  While they both work inside the mouth, their perspectives are based on the type of care they provide.

Dentists are looking out for your overall dental and oral health. They look for things like cavities and gum disease; your dentist might even look for things like oral cancers or airway issues.  

Orthodontists are focused on a patient’s bite – that is the way the teeth and jaws fit together.  Did you know you can have straight teeth but still have a mis-aligned bite? How your teeth fit together is important because if they are not properly aligned, it can cause them to wear down excessively, prevent teeth from growing in properly, or trap food making it hard to keep teeth clean (and thereby inviting trouble with cavities or gum disease). 

Dentists and Orthodontists form an important team to keep your teeth, bite, and smile in the best shape possible!
It is not necessary for your dentist to make a referral to an orthodontist – you can simply give us a call and schedule an appointment!

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