For many children, one-phase orthodontic treatment is effective in improving their smile; however, in cases that require a little more assistance, orthodontists may choose a two-phase treatment.

Two-phase orthodontic care includes a child’s predictable developmental stages into their treatment plan. Doing so can easily treat many problems in the present that would otherwise require surgery later on in the future. There are several other reasons your orthodontist may use a two-phase orthodontic treatment. These benefits include:

  • Creating enough space in the jaw for all the adult teeth to grow
  • Lessoning the pressure of the teeth to reduce the chance of a misaligned smile
  • Reducing the need to pull permanent teeth
  • Helping end a child’s concerning sucking or swallowing habits
  • Adjusting a child’s under or overbite
  • Preventing protruding front teeth from being cracked by easing the teeth into a better position

Source: American Association of Orthodontics

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